Why Buy Your Rug from Olson Rug vs an Internet Rug Company

Buying a rug from a rug dealerOlson Rug & Flooring recognizes the convenience of internet browsing and buying. We understand the appeal of the real cost savings in time and dollars that the internet offers on many types of products such as Books, Cd’s, Batteries, Shampoo, etc. In fact we think you’d be crazy not to buy any item in which you are very familiar, require often, with little need on your part for research or consideration, anywhere but on the net.

However, Olson Rug believes that the Internet is NOT the be all or end all when it comes to purchasing items that do require considerations such as tactile response, validation of the color(s), comfort and confidence in the pattern, feel underfoot and finally a sense of the overall esthetic and how it will blend or enhance your Design goals; nothing beats seeing, feeling and touching for yourself.

So why buy your rug from Olson vs. an Internet rug company?

Better Pricing – It’s true, we are priced better. Most online rug retailers do not stock rugs. They rely on their manufacturer(s) to have it in stock and ship it for them. That means the online store is placing a “special rug order”, which often costs more because it is a special order.

Pricing Clarity – Prices are clearly marked with the intention of answering your concerns not creating them.

Color – You see the actual colors and the way they are woven and intermingled in the rug pattern in a 3 dimensional sense opposed to a computer screen rendering. Also, at Olson you can arrange to take the rug home to ensure the colors compliment your décor.

Claims – If there is something you think is wrong with your rug online stores will make you jump through hoops before agreeing to solve your issue(s). At Olson, just bring the rug back to the store.

Returns – Returns are easier, cheaper and faster with Olson than the hassle of arranging shipping back to an online business. With Olson you don’t have to cough up the return shipping fee as you do with online companies or devote a day waiting for the carrier to show; simply bail the rug up and drop at the Olson Rug store nearest you.

Touch & Feel – Finally, when shopping rugs at Olson Rug you can easily determine the clarity of the pattern, judge the quality, experience the feel of the rug underfoot; none of these experiences are available off a flat screen no matter how many pixels it boasts.

Anyway that’s just our opinion based on selling rugs for more than 100 years.
Thanks for reading, OR&F

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