The Cost of a Carpet Installation

Carpet can be one of the most affordable flooring materials to install, especially when compared to hard flooring surfaces, such as hardwoods, laminate, ceramic tile, or natural stone, which are more labor-intensive to install.  But if you’re looking to add new carpet to your home, depending on your specific installation, there may be some additional costs you’ll need to consider.

Installing new carpetOld Carpet Removal

Is there existing carpet in the room you are planning on carpeting? If so, there may be an additional charge for take-up and removal of the old carpet and padding.  Some installers will leave removed carpet and padding curbside, while others offer hall away of your old carpet to a local landfill or a carpet recycling center.  If recycling your old carpet is important to you, you’ll want to inquire about this service. On average, carpet take-up, removal, and haul away can add as much as $1 per square foot to your total installation charge, so it’s important to find out these costs up front.

Furniture Moving

Does the room you are carpeting include heavy furniture? Many installers will move heavy items such as couches, tables, entertainment centers, etc., as part of the installation fee. But there may be an extra charge for exceptionally heavy or breakable items such as pianos or marble-topped tables.  In addition, most installers will not be responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting complicated electronics such as sound systems or computers.

Carpet Padding

High-quality carpet padding (cushion) can really extend the life of your new carpet. For the best fit and wear, it is important to match the carpet you are buying to the appropriate padding. For example, a thicker carpet such as a Saxony may require a ½” thick pad, while a low-profile carpet typically performs best with no more than a 3/8” thick pad. Many carpet Karastan carpet closeupmanufacturers require the use of a specific type of pad to uphold the carpet’s warranty. Prior to purchasing carpet, it’s always important to review the carpet manufacturer’s cushion recommendations with your carpet retailer and discuss the benefits and added costs of upgrading to higher-quality padding.  In most cases, the extra cost will be well worth the added wear life.

For More Information

At Olson Rug & Flooring, we are always happy to answer your carpet installation questions and explain all of the costs involved. If you are considering purchasing new carpet and have questions, feel free to ask our flooring experts at Olson Rug. Or stop by or call one of our nine Chicago-area showrooms.

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