Hand-crafted Runners by Olson Rug

Pie shaped stairs (or in fact any configuration other than straight) presents a visual dilemma for pre-finished runners. At Olson Rug we custom design runners by hand to ensure a balanced fit.


We start by creating templates of the stairs for a precise fit.

rug template

We then take the templates back to our workroom floor to start the process of creating a custom fit runner, one stair at a time.

runner templates

The templates are used to cut out each stair’s exact configuration to ensure that the future runner will exactly match each individual stair’s shape.

matching template to runner

We hot melt glue the border trim to the carpet runner by hand which ensures a perfect pattern match.

hot melt runner

We use hot melt seam tape to permanently secure and strengthen the joined matched pieces together.

seam taping rug runner pieces

We then hand sew the seams. Hand sewn seams takes a lot of extra time and care but really adds to the quality and life of our custom rug runners.

Hand sewn seams

Then we lay out the runner pieces and check the design for exact pattern matching and sizing.

rug runner pattern matching

Finally, we install the custom built runner. Please note that unlike with pre-finished runners how the custom built runner is:
1. The same distance to the wall regardless of the shape of the stair and
2. The pattern matches thru out.

finished stair rug runner

finished stair rug runner

finished stair rug runner

finished stair rug runner

If you are in the Chicago area looking for a custom area rug, stair runner, carpet or flooring stop by any of our 12 Chicago rug store locations.

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Not All Great Looking Hardwood Flooring Is Hardwood

Homeowners have always loved the look of a hardwood floor and today’s flooring manufacturers offer the wood visual appearance in many different types of flooring, such as vinyl, vinyl tile and laminate flooring.  Not only do these floors do a wonderful job of capturing the look of real hardwood planks but offer some other benefits as well.

A real hardwood floor is not always the most practical choice for our living areas. This can be because of high traffic, maintenance, height of the existing flooring, kids, pets, sub-floor, and humidity.  Luckily, there are a lot of great options today to choose from.

Resilient flooring (vinyl) and luxury vinyl tile manufacturers offer a wide array of realistic wood styles. These floors not only look real but some also have textured embossing that makes them feel like a real wood floor.  The vinyl wear layer is impervious to moisture and is more spill-resistant than wood allowing homeowners to have a wood looking floor in wet areas of the home where a real wood floor is not recommended, such as a bathroom, mud room or kitchen.

During remodel projects homeowners often want to save cost by installing the new floor over the existing flooring. A wood style vinyl flooring may be the best choice where raising the height of the overall flooring another ½” or more is not possible without doing some costly remodeling.

Karndean luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (referred to as LVT) has been an extremely popular choice for many homeowners. These tiles are drastically superior to the old self-stick vinyl tiles. Like the better grade resilient floors, they offer a great realism and durability.  Because these floors come in planks and squares some of the LVT floors can be mixed and matched allowing for a more unique design.

Laminate flooring also offers some terrific looking hardwood flooring styles.  Today’s laminate flooring manufacturers use very sophisticated photographic and embossing technology to add more realism. This allows manufacturers to offer  authentic looking classic wood floors at a fraction of the cost of reclaimed old wood flooring. The special melamine wear layer found on laminate floors not only protects the pattern underneath but  is also highly stain, fade, spill, burn and scratch resistant.  Since laminate floors are installed by floating the planks over the sub-floor they can be used in areas of the home where solid hardwood floors are not recommended.

So if you love the look of wood but not sure you can use for your particular interior situation, stop into any of our Chicago flooring stores and let us show you all your options. We have the years of expertise to make your flooring choice the right one that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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Chicago Mohawk Carpet & Flooring Spring Sale

If you are in the market fo buy carpet and you live in the Chicago area stop into on of our 12 Chicago carpet store locations for the Mohawk Colors of Spring Carpet Sale. We have a tremendous selection of Mohawk Carpets on sale. Plus, free estimates, special financing offer, free tear up of your old carpet (does not include haul away) and a free pad upgrade.

Mohawk hardwood flooring, Mohawk laminate flooring and Ceramic tile are on sale with some great designs and prices.  With the early Spring the snow and mess is gone so it’s a perfect time to start you Spring house cleaning and remodeling projects. Our knowledgeable sales staff has years of experience and can help you find the perfect flooring for your situation. So, please stop in and see why so many Chicagoland people have been buying their flooring from Olson Rug since 1874.

Mohawk Color of Spring Sale


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Make Us An Offer On Any In-Stock Rug!

At Olson Rug we are looking to revamp our rug departments in all of our Chicago area flooring stores. In order to do this we have to move out all of our existing 1st quality, hanging sample rugs and rug runners. The sample rugs are from the leading rug manufacturers and come in all different sizes, styles and colors and are perfect for many areas of the home.

We have over $1,200,000 worth of rugs and runners in stock that we need to move out. So we decided to allow our Chicago customers to come in and MAKE US AN OFFER ON ANY IN-STOCK RUG OR RUNNERS. If the offer is reasonable the rug is yours. We already have had customers in Skokie, downtown Chicago, Highland Park and some other store locations come in made us a reasonable offer and went home with a rug.

Make Us An Offer On Any In-Stock Rug

This is not a gimmick we need to move out all of rugs in order to remodel the rug departments and other areas in our stores. So in you are in the market for an area rug or rug runner c’mon in and Make Us An Offer.

The in-stock rugs are only at 7 of our 12 Chicago area stores. See our Chicago Rug page for locations and other details.

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Why Buy Your Rug from Olson Rug vs an Internet Rug Company

Buying a rug from a rug dealerOlson Rug & Flooring recognizes the convenience of internet browsing and buying. We understand the appeal of the real cost savings in time and dollars that the internet offers on many types of products such as Books, Cd’s, Batteries, Shampoo, etc. In fact we think you’d be crazy not to buy any item in which you are very familiar, require often, with little need on your part for research or consideration, anywhere but on the net.

However, Olson Rug believes that the Internet is NOT the be all or end all when it comes to purchasing items that do require considerations such as tactile response, validation of the color(s), comfort and confidence in the pattern, feel underfoot and finally a sense of the overall esthetic and how it will blend or enhance your Design goals; nothing beats seeing, feeling and touching for yourself.

So why buy your rug from Olson vs. an Internet rug company?

Better Pricing – It’s true, we are priced better. Most online rug retailers do not stock rugs. They rely on their manufacturer(s) to have it in stock and ship it for them. That means the online store is placing a “special rug order”, which often costs more because it is a special order.

Pricing Clarity – Prices are clearly marked with the intention of answering your concerns not creating them.

Color – You see the actual colors and the way they are woven and intermingled in the rug pattern in a 3 dimensional sense opposed to a computer screen rendering. Also, at Olson you can arrange to take the rug home to ensure the colors compliment your décor.

Claims – If there is something you think is wrong with your rug online stores will make you jump through hoops before agreeing to solve your issue(s). At Olson, just bring the rug back to the store.

Returns – Returns are easier, cheaper and faster with Olson than the hassle of arranging shipping back to an online business. With Olson you don’t have to cough up the return shipping fee as you do with online companies or devote a day waiting for the carrier to show; simply bail the rug up and drop at the Olson Rug store nearest you.

Touch & Feel – Finally, when shopping rugs at Olson Rug you can easily determine the clarity of the pattern, judge the quality, experience the feel of the rug underfoot; none of these experiences are available off a flat screen no matter how many pixels it boasts.

Anyway that’s just our opinion based on selling rugs for more than 100 years.
Thanks for reading, OR&F

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Coming soon… A Sensational New Soft Carpet

Mohawk SmartStrand Silk with DuPont SoronaComing this Spring Mohawk Carpet’s sensational new soft carpet, called: SmartStrand® Silk™ with DuPont™ Sorona®. This is the only luxuriously soft carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off and cleans up with just water.

Mohawk’s SmartStrand® Silk™ is luxuriously soft with exceptional durability.

  • Built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance, not topically applied
  • Protection that never wears or washes off like other carpets
  • Proven durability that withstands life’s challenges
  • Easy to clean with just water, no chemicals required
  • Environmentally friendly, it’s made in part from renewable resources

That’s why Mohawk SmartStrand Carpets are rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

If you are planning on buying new carpet for your home this Spring you should definitely stop in to one of Olson Rug & Flooring’s 12 Chicago carpet store locations to touch and feel this incredible new soft carpeting from Mohawk.

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Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet with DuPont Sorona

If you are in the looking for a new carpet in the Chicagoland area that is soft, extremely durable, highly resistant to staining and has great styling you need to stop into one of our 12 Chicago carpet stores to see Mohawk SmartStrand Carpets made with DuPont Sorona fibers.

When we asked SmartStrand Carpet buyers about specific carpet attributes they were significantly more satisfied than nylon buyers in areas such as: protection against spills, easy to clean, easy to maintain, protection against stains, and easy to remove stains.
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