Not All Great Looking Hardwood Flooring Is Hardwood

Homeowners have always loved the look of a hardwood floor and today’s flooring manufacturers offer the wood visual appearance in many different types of flooring, such as vinyl, vinyl tile and laminate flooring.  Not only do these floors do a wonderful job of capturing the look of real hardwood planks but offer some other benefits as well.

A real hardwood floor is not always the most practical choice for our living areas. This can be because of high traffic, maintenance, height of the existing flooring, kids, pets, sub-floor, and humidity.  Luckily, there are a lot of great options today to choose from.

Resilient flooring (vinyl) and luxury vinyl tile manufacturers offer a wide array of realistic wood styles. These floors not only look real but some also have textured embossing that makes them feel like a real wood floor.  The vinyl wear layer is impervious to moisture and is more spill-resistant than wood allowing homeowners to have a wood looking floor in wet areas of the home where a real wood floor is not recommended, such as a bathroom, mud room or kitchen.

During remodel projects homeowners often want to save cost by installing the new floor over the existing flooring. A wood style vinyl flooring may be the best choice where raising the height of the overall flooring another ½” or more is not possible without doing some costly remodeling.

Karndean luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (referred to as LVT) has been an extremely popular choice for many homeowners. These tiles are drastically superior to the old self-stick vinyl tiles. Like the better grade resilient floors, they offer a great realism and durability.  Because these floors come in planks and squares some of the LVT floors can be mixed and matched allowing for a more unique design.

Laminate flooring also offers some terrific looking hardwood flooring styles.  Today’s laminate flooring manufacturers use very sophisticated photographic and embossing technology to add more realism. This allows manufacturers to offer  authentic looking classic wood floors at a fraction of the cost of reclaimed old wood flooring. The special melamine wear layer found on laminate floors not only protects the pattern underneath but  is also highly stain, fade, spill, burn and scratch resistant.  Since laminate floors are installed by floating the planks over the sub-floor they can be used in areas of the home where solid hardwood floors are not recommended.

So if you love the look of wood but not sure you can use for your particular interior situation, stop into any of our Chicago flooring stores and let us show you all your options. We have the years of expertise to make your flooring choice the right one that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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