How do you know you are getting a good carpet cushion?

Through our experience of selling and installing carpet in Chicago for over 100 years we learned what type of cushions work best with different types of carpets and applications. At Olson Rug & Flooring we always marry the proper carpet cushion that satisfies the manufacturer’s requirements for warranties with the best performing pad that will give years of performance and meet your expectations.

Although there are some very cheap carpet cushions sold in the market place, we believe that any reputable dealer should steer their customers to a better quality cushion that fits manufacturer’s carpet warranties, your situation and improves the performance of the carpeting. Cushion failure can lead to crushing and matting of the carpet, especially in the traffic areas. This can lead to the added expense of replacing both the cushion and the carpet, not to mention additional labor costs as well. By selling the best performing cushions we dramatically reduce our carpet claims and keep our customers coming back to Olson Rug for all their flooring.

So how do you know if the carpet cushion is good or not? The most talked about statistic is the “pound” of the cushion as in “this is a 6 LB cushion”. This is the most basic measurement of cushion quality and the one most easily understood.

What does this term mean? It is basically a measurement of volume i.e. pounds per cubic foot. All foam Cushions regardless of type are made in buns that are approximately 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall and 60 feet long. The measurement of density is taken by slicing 1 cubic foot from the bun, weighing it and applying a mathematical formula to determine the density. We will not bore you with the math herein.

Why is this important? Basically this measurement denotes the density of the product being bought. A Cushions main purpose, from a manufacturer’s viewpoint, is performance enhancement which means adding longevity to your new carpet. A cushion is designed to soften (or, as it were, cushion) the blow of a descending footstep. The denser the cushion the more effectively it softens the blow and thus helps your carpet to last longer. Interestingly, the firmer the cushion the less “Bouncy” it feels.

Each dealer, including Olson Rug & Flooring of Chicago, picks those type(s) that they feel work best with the range of products they offer. The most important and noticeable decision a customer will make will be “Feel” under foot. However, Cushions today should also be judged on the Benefits offered in conjunction with the price. We feel we offer some of the best values in the Chicago land area.

Below we give the Features and Benefits of the cushions we offer:

Stratus 6IL Bonded & Emerald 8IL bonded

  • Meet or exceeds fiber manufacturer’s warranty requirements
  • CRI Green Label for air quality assurance
  • Environmentally friendly and LEED certified (90% recycled content)
  • FHA Class I – moderate traffic rating
  • Stratus
  • FHA Class II – heavy traffic rating
  • Emerald
  • Added thermal insulation for energy savings
  • Life of Carpet Warranty


  • The Mohawk name on every roll – assurance that you are buying the very best
  • ViscoElastic Memory foam for luxurious comfort and durability
  • Antimicrobial additive to inhibit odor causing mold, mildew and fungus
  • SpillSafe moisture guard film to protect against spills and pet accidents – prevents them from seeping into cushion and reappearing later.
  • Makes clean up a “once and done process”
  • CRI Green Label for air quality assurance
  • Environmentally friendly and LEED certified (90% recycled content)
  • FHA Class II – heavy traffic rating
  • Maximum thermal and sound insulation for warmer, quieter rooms and energy savings
  • Life of Home Warranty – Transferable to new owner
  • Enhanced Carpet Warranties: (SmartCushion + Mohawk Carpet) Abrasive Wear – add 10 Years to current warranty. Carpet warranty is transferable
  • Texture Retention warranty is extended to include stairs*

*Must be a carpet product approved for installation/use on stairs
**All fibers except PermaStrand qualify for upgrades

Stop by one of our 12 Chicago carpet store locations to learn more and to get a free estimate.

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