Hand-crafted Runners by Olson Rug

Pie shaped stairs (or in fact any configuration other than straight) presents a visual dilemma for pre-finished runners. At Olson Rug we custom design runners by hand to ensure a balanced fit.


We start by creating templates of the stairs for a precise fit.

rug template

We then take the templates back to our workroom floor to start the process of creating a custom fit runner, one stair at a time.

runner templates

The templates are used to cut out each stair’s exact configuration to ensure that the future runner will exactly match each individual stair’s shape.

matching template to runner

We hot melt glue the border trim to the carpet runner by hand which ensures a perfect pattern match.

hot melt runner

We use hot melt seam tape to permanently secure and strengthen the joined matched pieces together.

seam taping rug runner pieces

We then hand sew the seams. Hand sewn seams takes a lot of extra time and care but really adds to the quality and life of our custom rug runners.

Hand sewn seams

Then we lay out the runner pieces and check the design for exact pattern matching and sizing.

rug runner pattern matching

Finally, we install the custom built runner. Please note that unlike with pre-finished runners how the custom built runner is:
1. The same distance to the wall regardless of the shape of the stair and
2. The pattern matches thru out.

finished stair rug runner

finished stair rug runner

finished stair rug runner

finished stair rug runner

If you are in the Chicago area looking for a custom area rug, stair runner, carpet or flooring stop by any of our 12 Chicago rug store locations.

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