Before you buy flooring from Olson Rug of Chicago

Put simply here is a checklist of questions that we would like to see our customers ask us. We have aimed this check list to, hopefully, be most helpful to current homeowners that are planning an upgrading, changing or remodeling of their current homes.

Questions applicable to both Carpet and Hard Surface products:

  • Do you remove old carpet/flooring? Do you haul old stuff away or leave it on the curb? Is there a cost?
  • Do you move Pianos/Pool Tables/Grandfather Clocks/ Sensitive Electronics/Etc? Do you move non-sensitive furniture (beds, chairs etc.)? Do we have to move anything? Does it cost to move furniture?
  • What happens if something gets broken?
  • We have wiring for our electronics/appliances how does that affect the installation?
  • We have outside entrances to the room does that make a difference?
  • Will direct sunlight affect my new flooring/carpeting?
  • What happens to my doors?
  • Do the installers clean up all scraps and messes?
  • Which way should I run the new floor/carpet?
  • I just had my rooms painted are they going to scuff my walls?
  • How do I determine what my sq. footage is? How am I charged?


  • We have a definite traffic pattern in the room(s) how does that affect what we should look at/do?
  • We have pets what should we know?
  • I have radiant heat is this a problem?
  • I have spindles and wide stairs can these be carpeted?
  • I want a patterned carpet on my stair can you match the pattern?

Hard Surface:

  • I’m looking to re-do my bathroom what do we do with the toilet?
  • Do I need to know what type of Sub-Floor I have?
  • How do I determine if my sub-floor is level?
  • I run a dehumidifier in this room(s) is this a problem?
  • Does the new flooring need to be acclimated in our room prior to installation?
  • What happens to my current trim(s)?

These questions are a bunch of the right questions (not all) to ask any carpet/flooring retailer you are considering working with. Most flooring and carpets require skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen to do the installation right. What adds to the level of difficulty for occupied home installations is that the home is occupied meaning all those details of what to do with everything needs to be accounted for (unlike an empty house).

Hopefully this list will help. Finally we in no way claim that this list is the be all and end all of this conversation so if you have a question please ask! it will allow the work to go smoother.

Olson Rug & Flooring is proud of our Chicago heritage and servicing Chicagoland homeowners since 1874.

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